New Haven Association Spring Meeting/Service Day

Service Day at Wildermere Congregational Church

Packing Emergency Clean Up Kits

Saturday, May 11, 2013 - Over 100 UCC folks from the New Haven Association gathered for a day of service. We worked on landscaping at Wildermere Congregational Church. A few hearty souls from Cheshire UCC shoveled a vast pile of mulch. Members of 1st Church Milford and Whitneyville worked hard weeding alongside the Wildermere members. Matt, a faithful member at the Wildermere Church said that he had just gotten everything replanted when Sandy hit. Now the grounds look beautiful!

Laureen and Virginia from the Wildermere Church worked with a team to clean the interior of the church with help from Orange Congregational and United. Martha from Cheshire and Kathy from Dunbar led the efforts to sort and pack Church World Service Clean Up Kits, which the organization needs to replenish its depleted stock from the many natural disasters across the country over the past year.

Sharon led a team to restore the community park in Wildemere, which lost many plantings from the flood waters. Others cleaned up neighbors' yards and shoveled sand before helping at the park.

We partnered with the city to work on a site called The Berm next to Mytle Beach, and we removed invasive species alongside members of 1st UCC Milford, Pilgrim Church in New Haven, Spring Glen, and lots of girl scouts and boy scouts. Here's a message from Steve Johnson (Milford Open Spaces):

"The transformation of a tangled invasive plant jungle into a peaceful clearing is an inspiration of what a stewardship volunteer team can accomplish.

In less than 2 hours your group of volunteers created a demonstration of what is possible. The multi-generational team created a peaceful, tranquil place for the majestic white oak to have a second life without threat from the invasive oriental bittersweet, Japanese Honeysuckle, and multiflora rose that have already claimed far too many victims.

Garlic mustard and mugwort filled 18 contractor bags thanks to a lot of great team spirit. There are habitat piles from the woody debris and invasive vines that can provide a safe haven for wildlife.

Thanks for making a difference."

We feasted on Subs donated by Subway Corporation, for which we are exceedingly grateful. And along the way, everyone enjoyed KIND Health Snack bars, which were delicious!

Thank you to everyone who pitched in to help! God is still speaking through our work.

Replanting around the church

moving sand back to the beach

Subway donates lunch! Thank You

Youth enjoy a celebration lunch after service.

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